NAVIFORCE brand was born for a purest insistence on the dream! At the beginning of the university life, Mr. Yang was exposed to real military camp life, truly feeling the boundless enthusiasm & pride, sheer perseverance and uprightness of soldiers. Since then, his heart has swelled with a sense of respect for them. And a small dream of becoming a soldier in the future had been rooted in the heart of this fresh-faced student. As a watch enthusiast, Mr. Yang was determined to be dedicated to the industry of watch design & manufacturing after graduation. With the purpose of becoming an outstanding watch designer, Mr. Yang has kept challenging himself for pursuing his own dream definitely. Thus, NAVIFORCE was formally established in China in 2012, specializing in watch manufacturing. Two underlying meanings are indicated by this brand name. Firstly, it symbolizes that our brand strives to forge a corporate identity in the watch industry as the NAVY SEALS in the military forces. Additionally, it calls on and leads a younger generation in the new era to actively cultivate initiative vigour. Dream It, Do It! In merely a few years, the watches designed by Mr. Yang had been favored by all sectors of society, which also strengthened the pace of the NAVIFORCE brand on the road to innovation.At the beginning of the establishment, the founder has set the brand soul to be “uniqueness and personality”. With this aim in mind, designers began to capture all kinds of modern aesthetic elements that could be subtly incorporated into the watch design from various aspects, ranging from the daily life, nature, machinery, humanities to arts. Combined with the craftsmanship of watchmaking, these factors were transformed into “DNA molecule” of NAVIFORCE watches, which also carried the inner vitality of continuous innovation of the brand. Therefore, each watch manages to interpret the beauty of sports constantly, achieving a balance between practicality and a sense of fashion. Especially from the perspectives of the public, it has been labelled with freedom and unique personality.NAVIFORCE adheres to the deeply-seated brand belief of “Leading Character, Fly Freely”. And in this era of individuality, a new generation of young people is eager to have a watch that reflects their own personality. Directing our efforts towards meeting the expectations of the young people, NAVIFORCE is committed to providing them with high-quality products and exceeding itself with high standard of services. Under the brand slogan “Dream It, Do It”, NAVIFORCE allows the case back engraved “for dream” in each watch to remind every staff not to forget the original intention of the brand establishment. It is also this original intention that drives watchmakers to stick to their ingenuity for fulfilling the dream, while presenting high quality products to every one of you who also cherish your own dream. As we look into the future, NAVIFORCE would pursue individual design, explore exquisite craftsmanship and perfect customer experience as always. The ultimate goal of NAVIFORCE is to craft a global consumer watch brand..



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